15th May

Our long-awaited club sign is up now on the piste railings. A huge thank you to Mike Lapinski for all the creative and graphics work, and the skills to make the sign fit and look great. Most of our news will be on the website now, so keep an eye out for events and club news.

There will be a special U3A day on the 24 th May when members from Forest town and Sherwood branches are coming along to try us out. Roger and Ann will welcome them and explain the game to those who are new to it. We hope that this last Wednesday in the month becomes a regular feature.

We are considering holding an evening play session, maybe on Thursdays or Fridays, to try and encourage working folks and teenagers to come along. Last year Agata, Patrik and others had a few games, and we’d like to capitalise on their youthful enthusiasm.

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